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Glossary Of Technical Theatre Terms

Glossary Of Technical Theatre Terms


1) Neighborhood in-between areas of a play. A short play is a ‘ One-Act-er,’ a have fun with one period has 2 Acts, and so on. Acts are partitioned even more into Scenes.

2) The important things Actors can do that makes them different from Techies.


That area in which the actor might relocate a complete view of the audience and this is also understood as the playing area. This term is also used to explain the smaller sized neighborhoods of the primary phase area, which are lit individually by the lighting designer.


Released copy of a script including notes for the actor and service technicians, typically credited to the style group of the best production, not always the playwright.


A useful hand-held prop used by an actor for fight or for a particular function.


Individual (male or woman) whose function is to play a character aside from his/her own. The term actress is often still used for a female actor; lots of ladies choose to have the exact same title as the guys.


From Latin Ad libitum significance “at one’s enjoyment” which means when the existence of mind by an actor to improvise;

1) another actor stops working to enter upon the hint

2) the regular development of the play is interrupted

3) lines are forgotten

4) It might also be a bad practice established by some actors where unneeded “gags” are presented into the discussion.


 It covers comparable ground to the Special needs Discrimination Act (DDA), which ended up being law in 1995 in the U.K. Both Acts are created to ban any sort of discrimination versus individuals with any kind of impairment.  The acronyms ADA and DDA are used also to explain the changes that are made to structures, resources, and treatments to abide by the act.


A picturesque product, prop or outfit which is from a various period than that being depicted on phase. Generally, it ‘s a contemporary product that shouldn’t be seen in a duration piece.


In seventeenth-century theatre and street efficiencies, the Announcer would welcome the audience and provide the play some context, either in regards to a social or political background or simply to complete some background information to assist the audience

in comprehending.


 Assistant Impresario


A process where the director or casting director of a production asks actors/actress/entertainers to reveal him/her what they can do. You might be asked to do a ‘Cold Reading,’ which evaluates your own action to a piece of text you have actually not prepared. Some audition procedures have pages of text offered outside the audition space for actors to familiarize themselves with before the



This means that “A change of setting/ landscapes unhidden from the audience”. This strategy is progressively popular due to contemporary advances in beautiful automation, where whole set changes can be achieved in seconds.